Stainless Steel Nails

Nails + Fuel Pack


Looking for an alternative fixing to screws? Look no further. We are stocking boxes of nails which contains the following:

2200 CE approved structural stainless steel 60mm nails with a 35 degrees clipped head strip nails

2 x Fuel cells for Montana cladding nail gun


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Stainless steel ring shank nails for structural timber products

Diameter = 2.9mm
Length = 60mm

Properties of material used

  • Non alloy wire rod in accordance with EN10016-1 to 4
  • Tensile strength in accordance with EN10218-1, minimum 700 N/mm2

Mechanical properties can be provided (and are labelled on the box)

Stainless steel, service class 3 acc. To EN10346:2009

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 11 × 20 cm